Reduce Your Fuel Consumption By Up To 35%

The Fuel Guard Fuel Saver upgrades your car with this intelligent fuel saving device that easily installs and begins tuning your vehicle’s ECU for lower fuel consumption.

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Reduce Your Fuel Consumption By Up To 35%

Safe & Easy to Use
Save Money
Help Climate Change
Horsepower & Torque

Meet the Fuel Guard Fuel Saver

What's Inside & Outside | The Tech Specs

This device is easy to install. Just follow the quick and easy 6-step list of instructions and go! Locating the OBD2 port in your vehicle can easily be found through either your vehicle’s user manual or on the instructional panel within the Fuel Guard Fuel Saver packaging.

Safe, Reliable and Compatible

Discover wide-range of features that make the Fuel Guard function right out of the box with zero effort.

Save Money While
You Fuel Up

Built to save you fuel without making expensive modifications to your car, the Fuel Guard Fuel Saver is here to save you money at the gas pump.


Enhance Your
ECU System

Nearly every vehicle is built with an electronic control unit (ECU) system which is a programmable chip that, when used with the Fuel Guard Fuel Saver, will reprogram your vehicle’s system to enhance its fuel efficiency by 15-25%, add 35% more power and 25% more torque!


and Easy

If you’re concerned about attaching something big and bulky, causing an eye-sore to the inside of your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about that with the Fuel Guard Fuel Saver! This device is small and lightweight, making it super easy to install and even easier to conceal.


Help Fight Against
Climate Change

By lowering your fuel consumption each time you fill at the gas station using the Fuel Guard Fuel Saver, you are actively doing your part to decrease the harmful carbon pollution caused by transportation!.


Additional Features

Lightweight & Durable

Save Money
& Energy


Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

and Save Money at the Pump

The lightweight, portable & economic Fuel Guard fits nearly all vehicle make and models from the year of 1996 or newer.

Order Now & Get 60% Off
Order Now & Get 60% Off

What Our Users Have To Say

Customer Reviews

Ken S.

New York, NY

Amazing quality & features!

"My 2009 Honda Accord had an average mpg of around 35. I wanted to improve this. So I checked the pressure on my tires and added this Fuel Guard Fuel Saver chip. It says it takes about 150 miles to adjust the computer's ECU. I filled up the tank of fuel and took a trip to visit my parents out of state. It was a 167 miles round trip. My fuel mpg for that trip was a little over 47. Thanks guys!"

Amy G.

Los Angeles, CA

Great value and works well!

"I don't understand, I feel seriously stupid. But my gas is lasting longer. I watched a few YouTube videos, they said the same thing about mileage, not much difference, but better. I drove a lot more to check and see if this works. After driving a ton more, my gas tank is still way more full than it usually is. It doesn't make sense. I also noticed a change in the feel of the drive. It made my car feel like it had more energy. Hard to explain. But I'm really happy I took a chance and got this!"

Daniel J.

Dallas, TX

The savings are real

"It was easy to install and I gained 4 miles to the gallon on fuel so far. I love this. It really has improved my truck’s gas mileage."